Words and Cakies

I don’t know about you but I hate (okay that’s pretty strong, but I do!) that saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt me.’ As if!! Words can be the most damaging to any mind, body, heart and spirit! Words you speak to others, about others or especially words you speak to yourself, about yourself are very damaging. Yourself listens, so speak kindly – ‘Pleasant words are like a honeycomb-Sweet to the soul and Healing to the bones!‘ (Proverbs 16:24) and treat yourself and someone else to Summie’s Yummies Cakies!:)

Frosted Cakies

I honestly wish that I could say that my words bring hope, faith, encouragement, comfort, peace and kindness to all who hear them, including myself, but I know I don’t, unfortunately, at least not all the time.  I long to and want to, but I feel like I am never good with words or say the right thing.  Growing up, I’ve just never felt good enough or that what I said was worth anything so I’d just stay quiet.  I think by staying quiet though kind of backfired in a way because then I started brewing inside, talking badly to myself and then just becoming angry and bitter to those around me.

I’ve had people, people who are supposed to love me, say some damaging things to me or let other people say damaging things to me and not stand up for me. That hurt!! In turn I started becoming more angry and bitter and self-conscious and say things back first that weren’t nice or encouraging, which just created more damage to my mind, body and soul, as well as to those around me.


I’m still working on it, but getting better, but we can choose to sit, be still, listen and then speak. ‘I choose to speak words of life, health and healing. I choose to speak only words that are gracious and kind’ to myself and to others. (Scripture Confessions, pg. 43-45)

Don’t criticize yourself for not doing something right or not sticking with a plan. Try and see something good you did and speak love….speak Gods truth over yourself and to those around you. You never know when that one person just needs one kind word spoken over them and to them, not a ton of ‘right’ words, but jut one. Just be kind and gracious, gentle and let Summie’s Yummies Sweet Deliveries bring you and your friend a special delivery that says your loved:) like a yummy cookie or a melt in your mouth cupcake with lick the top frosting, or combine them both and bring them a Cakie!:)  Contact me here and speak these words to yourself ‘I am a Royal Child of God!’

Frosted Cakies

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