Summie’s is Here to Help

Do you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and need some special baked goods from the oven?  Summie’s is Here to Help!

Summie’s is Here to Help

Football games, fun get together’s, wine and cheese (aka special baked goods) nights or just having friends over for the fun of it to spend life together is priceless and fun.  However,  sometimes it can be stressful because you want it to be perfect and have yummy baked goods but don’t have the time to bake. Don’t worry, Summie’s is here to help.

Just email me at, let me know what kind of gathering you are excited about having and what you want me to bake.  I will bake something special for you and your friends and deliver it right to your door! All of my yummies are healthier, mostly organic, and all of them can be made gluten-free (if you need or prefer that), using the best oils, butter and sugar, and just pure love and goodness – giving you something you can feel good about.

Happy Hour Brownies

All you have to do is gather around the table, backyard, living room or that fun football game and share life with your friends!

Email me and let’s talk!  I’m more than happy to give you a hand by baking you some yummy treats, and delivering them to you so you can enjoy a stress-free gathering with the one’s you love.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Unfortunately, I can only deliver around the Jacksonville, FL, area, but if you live somewhere else, and need help email me at  I’ll help you come up with a strategy of what to do so you can enjoy a fun stress-free gathering!

Contact me today and take the stress out!

Be Free!  Happy Gathering!

Football’s Coming!!!

Are you ready for some football?  I am!! 

There is just something exciting about football season- the cool change in weather, the excitement and anticipation of watching your favorite team and/or player, the fellowship around the living room filled with friends and yummy football snacks!

Crumbly Ginger Blondies

Gingered Crumbly Blondies

Once September comes around I am always anxiously awaiting Saturday’s so I can watch my beloved Noles!! Go Noles! I also like watching other good games, too, because it’s just so fun and exciting.  It’s always fun thinking of something football-y to go along with the game – chips and dip, a good chili or some special treat from the oven.  It feels good and brings joy to your soul to have something fun and exciting to look forward to, to have people over and to chat and cheer and share in some yummy goodness, whether your team wins or loses (but hopefully it’s always a big win!:))! Continue reading →

Have NO Fear, Summie’s Here!


Summie in Jacksonville

Hey!  Are you in the Jacksonville, FL, area?  Do you need a little extra help with some yummy baked goods for your next gathering?  Check out Summie’s Help and let me help you!  I look forward to baking with you!