Summie’s Yummie’s Sweet Deliveries

Do you live in the Jacksonville, FL area?  Are you looking for a yummy baked good that is good for you, healing and yummy?  One that you feel good about serving to your kids and actually love that they keep coming back for more? One that you can and want to share with others?  Great news!  You can have just that without going to the grocery store or turning on the oven…..Take the stress out of life and let Summie’s Yummie’s Sweet Deliveries bake and deliver your next yummy and healing baked good.

Summie's Yummie's Sweet Deliveries
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Grain-Free Childhood Sheetcake

Do you ever just want something from your childhood that you can’t have anymore due to dietary restrictions?  All the time, right?  That’s how I cam up with this Grain-Free Childhood Sheetcake.

Grain-Free Childhood Sheetcake

Grain-Free Childhood Sheetcake 

There’s this one cake that my mom would make, and that I of course took over making, growing up.  It’s one that everyone gets excited about because it is a moist, chocolate cake with a decadent icing spread over the top while the cake is still warm so it can seep down in the cake making it even more moist and gooey…mmmmm… mom’s Coca-Cola Cake is to die for but unfortunately loaded with a ton of sugar from both the cane sugar and the Coca Cola sugar.  It’s also loaded with flour, gluten and grains. Yikes!  All of which, might make things yummy, but haven’t been doing well with me .

Missing out on making this cake, and indulging in it also, with a bowl of vanilla ice cream to accompany this yummy dessert, I came up with  my Paleo version of Grain-Free Childhood Sheetcake!  Yum!  Let’s not miss out on life together.  Come on over and let’s share life together while we dive into this scrumptious moist cake with gooey frosting!  And you know me, there will definitely be a big bowl of ice cream with it.  So come on, let’s bake and eat cake together as we gather around the table! Continue reading →

Paleo Spice Muffin Tops

You are going to die when you try these Paleo Spice Muffin Tops.  You know you just eat the top of the muffin anyways, just like I do, because it’s the best.  I don’t know why, though, probably because there is just something really moist and yummy about the top.  I guess it doesn’t have the crusty burning edges from the pan, who knows.  But, I do know the tops are the best!  These muffin tops are even better because they are kind of a cross between a soft cookie and the best part of a muffin…the top!  What more can you ask for?!  I can’t think of anything!  Well, maybe a cup of coffee!

Paleo Spice Muffin Tops

Paleo Spice Muffin Tops

Even though some people think of muffin tops as not a very nice name or term because of the totally mislabeled muffin top coming over your jeans – these are so not those kinds of muffin tops.  You’re going to want a muffin top after you try these.   These will actually help you feel strong and healthy with their healing ingredients, even though you think you are indulging in something so sinful.  Come on over and let’s have some Paleo Spice Muffin Tops as we sip some coffee and just talk about life, being strong and courageous.

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Savory Cakes to Share

I don’t know about you but when I see something that is healthy for you, looks really yummy and tastes really good, I get really excited!

Savory Tuna Cakes Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free

Savory Tuna Cakes
Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free

There is a lot of joy that comes when I make a pretty cake and it turns out good, especially when I experiment with a healthy twist.  I love making things healthy not only for myself  to help me feel better and feel good but also to share with others.  To help them enjoy the pleasures in life through healing foods and sharing life around the table. Continue reading →