It’s snowing!  Okay, maybe it’s not literally snowing in the hot Christmas South, but we can make it snow with these buttery melt-in-your mouth winter white Snowballs!  

These balls of white powder are shortbread-like cookies that make Christmas time, in my house, extra special.  You need a little sparkle of glittering snow on your Christmas table, making eyes wide with awe and excitement!



I’m warning you, they are messy, but so worth it!  If you make them small enough you can just pop them in your mouth without getting the powdered sugar everywhere, but that’s just hopeful thinking.  These cookies are made to make a little snow dusting.  You can keep popping them in your mouth,though, enjoying every bite of their buttery sweet texture that will just melt in your mouth.  If you don’t usually moan with an excited yumminess moan when you take a bite of something, you will when you take your first bite of these Snowballs.  I should call these Excited Moaning Snowballs because every time I make them, it seems like everyone just moans and does that ‘oh this is so good’ eye roll, especially my family members.  It’s kind of quite humorous:)
Come on over and get ready for a snowball fight as we mix and roll and get powdery white with this Christmas favorite and let Summie’s Yummies Sweet (and Snowy) Deliveries bring merriment and joy to your Christmas celebrations!:)  Merry Christmas!!! 

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Grandmother’s Gluten-Free Fruitcake

Christmas can bring such wonderful memories.  Christmas also brings the tacky re-gifted Christmas present – fruitcake but not Grandmother’s Gluten-Free Fruitcake.  Some people don’t like fruitcake, cringing at the thought of getting it and just pass it along as joke to next person.  That’s understandable because the store bought fruitcakes are loaded with all sorts of flavorings and liqueurs and sugars and who knows what else.  BUT, I have a recipe that will change your mind about fruitcake forever!  You’ll never one to re-gift this one because you’ll want to have and it and savor it all for yourself!  This fruitcake is passed on from my Grandmother, who always made it year after year and lovingly taught me how to make it, passing on the much anticipated fruitcake family tradition on to me.  That day so many years ago, when I first made this fruitcake with my Grandmother created such fun memories that I now look back on and am so thankful of that time I was able to spend with her, bake with her and laugh with her bringing in the Christmas celebrations.

Grandmother's Gluten-Free Fruitcake

Grandmother’s Gluten-Free Fruitcake

My Grandmother’s Gluten-Free Fruitcake  is one you are going to love sharing with others (if you can part with it yourself), with friends and family alike.  You’ll find them asking for it year after year.  Put on an apron, don’t forget to turn on some Christmas music, maybe grab a friend to help with all the cutting and hand scraping (I’ll explain:). Get ready to laugh and rejoice while getting a little fruity and a little messy!:) Let’s get a fruitcaking! Continue reading →

Your Wedding is Coming!

Do you dream about walking down the aisle in your beautiful white Princess gown?  Heading toward your handsome Prince Charming who is waiting to receive you and start life together? 

I do!IMG_0232 casual wedding

The anticipation of a beautiful (small, intimate) wedding, a fun honeymoon and then coming back home with the one you love is what I long for – to finally be a wife with a loving husband – to be a great Godly wife to a great Godly man!

Oh how I long for that, but a lot of the times it seems way out of reach and only in my dreams!  Sometimes, I think maybe I expect too much and that I am just doomed for single hood for the rest of my life.  Now, being single isn’t bad, and it is for some people, but, honestly, I am not one of those people.  I can be pretty independent, but I do dream of the day me and my husband will be able to make a home and a life together where we can have friends over, enjoy each others company and just enjoy life together.  A home where I can just bake and cook for my man! Continue reading →