Christmas Cookies

It’s Christmas!  And all the stockings are hung on the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Claus soon will be here!  I love hearing that story – I grew up every Christmas Eve, my uncle would read Twas ‘The Night Before Christmas‘ with all of us gathered around, waiting for Santa to hurry up and come, then we got to open presents from him to get Christmas started! You might laugh, but my brother and I will sing along to Hilary Duff and Lil’ Romeo’s (rap) song to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ ( – I love it and it makes me so proud that he knows that song and sings it with me:)  I’m sorry but, he just is a great brother and I love him, am so thankful for him and just wish he was here with me and others who love him so much and think so much of him, this Christmas.  He just needs to believe in himself and so do you and so do I:)  So come on over and lets dance and sing and get some Christmas Cookies ready, because you know what Santa loves….?

Christmas Cookies

Cookies!!!  I mean, who doesn’t?  I’ve mentioned before that I love cookies..they’re simple but yummy but special and just make you feel like a kid again!  I’ve been on a mission to just make Christmas cookies this Christmas, tried to do 25 Days of Christmas cookies, but that hasn’t really happened.  I haven’t been able to get to it every day, which is okay, but doesn’t mean I haven’t been searching and looking and listing everything I want to make and try, but then how I can put a Summie’s Yummie’s healthy twist on it.  There have been days where I can do one, but then there are days I can try out two or three, it’s all about just having fun, enjoying this Christmas season and what Christ has done for you and me, and sharing these special yummies with those around you.  Whether it is old time favorites or new ones you’ve been dying to try.  Just enjoy, eat, drink, be merry and know that Jesus gives us All good things to enjoy!

So come on over and let’s celebrate together with some Summie’s Yummies Christmas cookies.  From old time favorties like Snowballs and Wes’ Ginger Creams to new favorites like White Chocolate Cranberry or Sugar Cookies that melt in your mouth.  Bring the egg nog or just bring yourself and let’s enjoy life around the table.  We’ll save some cookies for Santa, don’t worry, but right now, let’s enjoy each other!  🙂



White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Merry Christmas!  Happy Cookie Baking!  Be Free!

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